If you work online and are looking for a supervisor, this is the page for you.

All the supervisors in our Directory offer online supervision.

So how do you find someone who would be right for you?

We suggest that you first of all decide what factors are important to you in a supervisor.

  • Would you prefer someone whose orientation is the same as yours? Or different?
  • Is knowledge and experience of a particular area of work a requirement?
  • How much can you afford to pay?

Once you know what you are looking for in your ideal supervisor, work your way through the Register making a note of people who meet your criteria.

From the brief descriptions given in the Register you can follow a link to each supervisor’s website, find out more about them and get a feel for what they might be like to work with. Then choose three or four and send them an email enquiry. Choose the person whose response you like the best and ask for an initial meeting.

Have some client material ready to present so that you can see how they respond to what you say.

  • Do you find them easy to understand?
  • Do you feel they would offer adequate support in a tricky client situation?
  • Would you feel able to discuss mistakes or would you be afraid of a scornful response?
  • Do you seem to be on the same wavelength?

If you’re not entirely comfortable with the first one, try someone else, go ahead – use the form below to Find A Supervisor